Noy Industries is a leader in Wildlife Management and Bird Mitigation. Nuisance wildlife throughout Australia heavily affects the economy and Australian products in production. Implementing a wildlife management system, our Consultants can ensure that you are protected and nuisance wildlife is permanently removed. Supplying to many industries such as Farming, Aviation, Residential, Overseas, Agricultural and Marine, including many more.
We have various Wildlife Management Product Ranges


TB series

The TB Series consists of the TB100 and TB Mini, both not requiring a weapon licence to purchase or operate! Popular in the Agriculture, Council Tip, Aviation and Viticulture industries, this low cost and zero maintenance tool is a core product exclusively distributed at Noy Industries.


A key feature of the TB Series products is the low cost investment on MAPP Gas required to produce high decibel sound that instantly deters bird and wildlife from the affected zones. Producing up to 600 simulator shots, the results speak for themselves.

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