Bird X Products

This collaboration between Bird X and Noy Industries has provided our clients, products that aid in the combat of nuisance wildlife. With a wide selection of Electronic, Sound and Visual applications, Bird X and Noy Industries have introduced a high end product range that can enhance a Wildlife Management System or commence in wildlife dispersal in various industries.


Bird BLazer Indoor Lazer Outdoor Lazer Strobe Light
Bird Xpeller PRO Super BirdXpeller PRO WoodPecker PRO Broadband PRO
GooseBuster GooseBuster PRO Critter Blaster PRO Mega Blaster PRO
Airport Bird Control Quad Blaster Super Quad Blaster Ultrason X
Bird Stop Irri Tape Terror Eye Scare Balloons
Prowler Owl Solar Panel Large Solar Panel Small Spikes
Scarecrow Hydro Blast