These core words describe Noy Industries Director, Steve Noy’s vision.

Steve has applied innovative methods since founding Noy Industries in 2013.

Where a demand needed to be met in the current market, the industry grew rapidly with Noy Industries molding a strong presence.

The core values are reflected by Noy Industries’ highly experienced and knowledgeable team, with their service and strong business relationships upholding Noy Industries quality reputation and drive to pioneer the industry towards versatility and solution based products.

Collaborating with major world known suppliers, was a turning point and an advantageous strategic move that Steve employed in order to gain many exclusivities. Applying this method has allowed the introduction of innovative products that are now available within the Australian Market.

Furthermore, Noy Industries grew strong connections with Government Bodies with supplying less-lethal munitions to Law Enforcement, Correctional Services and the Military. Encompassing the supply and support of specialized products that only Noy Industries have exclusivity to, this alone set the benchmark and positioned Noy Industries to become the leading preferred supplier in Australia.
Maintaining diversity, the use of intensive research and development saw the world be introduced to effective bird and wildlife mitigation products that are marketed to Australian industries such as but not limited to, Aviation, Councils, Agriculture and Viticulture. Each sector requiring effective solutions that prove to be efficient for their daily mitigation practices.

Noy Industries is Supply Nation certified, 100% indigenous owned and Australian operated. Whilst our roots are Australian, Noy industries continues to grow across each ocean with the capability to supply into international markets.