Formerly known as Proscare, Noy Industries is a 100% Indigenous owned company. As an Australian Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Non-Lethal and Lethal Ammunition, we take pride in uniquely designing products for the Australian Market. Establishing ourselves as a leader in Bird and Wildlife Mitigation, our international highly experienced team saw room in the market space for expansion and product specialization.


From this inception, Noy Industries has grown substantially, aligning themselves with international brands and innovating, developing and manufacturing their own ammunition products. Ammunition, which is optimally engineered for ultimate dependability and precision. 


Incorporating a strong competitive strength to the Global market; launching a wide range of specialised lethal, non-lethal, semi-lethal and pyrotechnic ammunition, to cater to a broad range of clients with a need to procure advanced, efficient and precision munitions. Supplying to many industries, Noy Industries is persistently expanding their product portfolio to provide effective solutions to industries affected by produce and profit loss.