Welcome to Noy Industries

Noy Industries was established in 2012 with a sole purpose to protect Australian industries affected by wildlife and pests. Through the supply of effective non-lethal bird and wildlife mitigation products, our specialised solutions have been proven to minimise profit loss and improve safety in many Australian industries including Agriculture, Viticulture, Mining, Aviation, Councils, and other Government Agencies.


Since our inception, the company has grown and diversified substantially, with the aid of international alliances whose brands that uphold the high quality standard that mirror Noy Industries values.


In our relentless search for the most effective products for the current conditions, our highly experienced team are continually researching, innovating and developing new solutions for an ever changing environment.

The growth of Noy Industries and our product portfolio has allowed us to source and distribute specialised products that add value into further Australian industry sectors including Correctional Services, Law Enforcement and the Military.


This journey has led us to the design and manufacture of our own cutting edge non-lethal products utilised by end users for mitigating wildlife and pest problems in an ethical manner and in training exercises for members of Australia’s Law Enforcement and Military services.


We are 100% indigenous owned and remain to be an industry leader that has a strong presence.





Because our team are always working on ways to improve and provide better solutions, R&D is a crucial component to the growth of Noy Industries. Our most recent improvement comes in our Signature Ammunition Range. The Proscare Range consists of 5 types of 12ga Pyrotechnics that provide different audible effects.

With the ever changing market, our diligent team are always seeking ways to reduce environmental impact. As a result of this, our Signature Ammunition Range now has an extensive shelf life with resealable bags, without forgetting that the projectiles are biodegradable*.